Laugh yourself slim!

Laugh yourself slim!

Figure friends recommend: Laugh yourself slim!

Did you know that your body cannot smile when your mind is nor smiling?

  In this article we focus on the whole body and especially the human spirit. The body can not smile when the spirit is tired and has lost the motivation. We are going to give some thoughts, which should provide the motivation and give desire to continue a healthy lifestyle so that your body and mind are both happy.

  American scientists have proved that laughing for 15 minutes every day may lead you to a weight loss about two kilograms a year. Eating healthy, taking care of your units consumed on a daily basis, exercising on a regular basis, and adding a small amount of laughter to every day, you reach your desired weight very soon while maintaining a positive mind and a good sense of self.

Already Aristoteles described person as a laughing animal.

Be happy and your body is happy!


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