Our method

Our method


Our slimming program guarantees losing weight at healthy pace and "Slimming formula" includes suggestions which are:


scientifically proven, and

psychologically supported. 

When it comes to losing weight, it is crucial to find the balance between reducing calories consumed and consuming the necessary nutrients and minerals.  Balance is important for feeling good about yourself, being active and keeping healthy metabolism.
The Figurefriends program calculates foods and beverages into units, based on their energy content. Depending on sex, height, weight and age, everyone gets their individual daily units allowance. Everyone can choose their own pace to lose weight. 

Our nutrition plans are based on our Food Pyramid, which divides all nutrients into separate groups. The Food Pyramid provides a visual aid for your daily portions of required nutrients. Read more about our Food Pyramid here.

The most important part of the program is keeping a food diary, which will enable you to have an overview of what and how much you eat. You will also be able to see how versatile your diet is. We have created an online service and a handy and playful FigureFriends app to support your daily food and exersize tracking. Read more about our Online service here and about our apps here.